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Custard Cream 1 – 0 Me


Yesterday, as my alarm cried it’s wake up call, I found myself wondering whether indeed I’d had any sleep at all. For although 7 hours had passed since my eyes had last opened, I felt as tired as when my head had hit the pillow. Frustrated by a sense of deja vu, I turned to twitter for tips to combat feeling tired all the time and some lovely tweeters offered up advice.

There was a strikingly similar theme to each of these tips, eat well, sleep more, exercise and pump yourself full of vitamins. Blindingly obvious you might think. Well apparently, for the last few months at least, I have been ignorant to this blindingly obvious fact. Over this time, I have watched the numbers on our bathroom scales gradually creep up, reaching out for double figures with outstretched hands and Yesterday they reached their goal. Eek! Funny how that should coincide with me waking feeling as though I had been hit with a steam roller. It was then I realised I had been beaten by a custard cream, defeated by a custard filled biscuit sandwich.

Oh dear, I really should have shown more restraint. Half a large peperoni pizza with cheese soaked sides? Is that all? Roast dinner on a plate as big as my face, piled as high as a mountain? Why not? And then the biscuits, oh the biscuits, you cruel delicious buttery snacks. Well enough, no more, I will not be beaten. Thanks to a twitter/bathroom scale shaped kick in the face, I am going to get myself back on track and in a few weeks, just before Christmas, I plan to awake in the morning thinking “do you know what? I’m not even sure I needed that last hour of sleep”.


I am putting your tried and tested tips into action and have already begun. I started with the easiest of all to enforce @RLMountain27‘s breakfast of peanut butter on toast with a banana and I have to say she is on to something when she says it gives you a slow energy release. I’ve not been reaching for the biscuits midmorning and I have felt more alert. Vitamins were top of the recommendations and I had wanted to take @stressymummy‘s advice of berocca, but I haven’t made strides enough on the health kick for me to remember to buy them yet. So for the moment I’m taking whatever vitamins I have lurking in the back of my kitchen cupboard. It may be a while before I see the benefits of this one.

Lastly, I will endeavour to move more, although peeling myself from the sofa when I’m feeling slobby may be the toughest challenge. @newyoungmum‘s suggested short youtube exercise videos and I think this could really work for me. I get bored repeating the same routines, so I’m looking forward to giving this a try. But, for now this will have to wait, I have had a full house today and will not be subjecting my husband to watching dumbo bounding round the living room over the weekend. I will perhaps take the dog for a walk instead.


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Author: Kerry @ Noah & the Girls

Disorganised Mum of three, muddling through. Learning on the job.

2 thoughts on “Custard Cream 1 – 0 Me

  1. Breakfast is definitely a must – I’m terrible for not eating in the morning and it’s fatal when it comes to snacking later :) Scrambled eggs or cereal & banana makes all the difference :) Good luck! Popping over from the weekend blog hop x

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